Sunday, July 1, 2007

Bootwerk, the Kraftwerk mashup album

Bootwerk cover

The Bootwerk - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Kraftwerk is a sure thing, and a low risk choice. You can't go wrong with Kraftwerk. They inspired so many things in the last 30 years, we can say they are the one of the most influential band of pop history. The guys of the Mashup Industries (DJ Clive$ter, DJ Schmolli and Krazyben) decided to pay homage to the Lords of the Robots. They invited other mashup producers to the project and the result is the Bootwerk album. 19 stunning mashups of almost every classic Kraftwerk song, like the Trans Europa Express, the Pocket Calculator, the Model, the Music Non-Stop, the Robots or the Radioactivity. If you were listening to any electronic music in the past 30 years you have no reason to miss the Bootwerk. Love it or hate it but give it a listen, this can be your homage to Kraftwerk. All I can say at the end is short and simple: Florian, Karl, Ralf and Wolfgang! DANKE! In the name of the bastards and every Kraftwerk fan.

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