Friday, July 6, 2007

3 Sex Object remixes from Rhythm Scholar


Our man Rhythm Scholar got into Kraftwek so seriously, he made not one but three remixes of the 1986 Kraftwerk song 'Sex Object'. Here is how he explains that: - 'Electric Cafe' was the first Kraftwerk CD I ever owned. I played it all the time and got to know it inside and out. Even my mom got into some of the songs, especially 'Sex Object' with it's goofy spoken-word breakdown. When I was invited to be part of the compilation 'Bootwerk: A Bastard Pop Tribute to Kraftwerk', my thoughts immediately went to 'Sex Object'. I started off approaching it like previous Scholar mixes and began building it mostly out of sections of the original as well as samples from other Kraftwerk tunes. As things progressed I started adding more and more of my own melodies and instrumentation until the new ideas took over and edged out most of the Kraftwerk original. In the end, I muscled more of the original back in and these hybrids of old and new were born. -

Kraftwek: Sex Object [Rhythm Scholar Deflated Remix]

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