Tuesday, July 31, 2007

GHP remix used in the new Bacardi TV Ad

We are always happy to spread the world about the our bootleggers. Mark Vidler, aka Go Home Productions is one of the best mashup producers of the world. He is making more and more offical remixes for bands who are smart enough to ask his help. Those of you who actually watch TV in the UK, may have seen this ad already. It was first aired during Friday's Big Brother show on Channel 4 and has pretty much been aired constantly since. It's a new Bacardi Ad and it uses the Go Home Productions remix of Max Sedgley's 'Happy', that was released on Sunday
Best back in March. You can still aquire the remix on vinyl from various online sources and you can still download it from iTunes And you can check this remix and more GHP treasures in Mark's myspace profile.

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