Monday, July 16, 2007

The Number Of Da Boots released


The Number Of Da Boots, the first ever Iron Maiden mashup album has been released earlier this week. Here is what Celebrity Murder Party, one of the creative minds behind the NODB thinks about the project:
- Iron Maiden must be one of the least mashed bands in history is undeniable. It certainly proved a challenge. Having spent the last 3 months trying to fit artists as diverse as the Pet Shop Boys, Blondie, Bob Marley over Nico McBain's less than rock solid timing, it's easy to see why. On this compilation, however, we have 7 Mashers willing to do just that and hopefully you'll agree, succeeding with flying colours...-
And yes, the Number of Da Boots is a very very colourful bootleg compilation album featuring works from artists such as DJ Lobsterdust, DJ Schmolli, Copycat, Wax Audio, The Illuminoids and Simon Iddol.
Don't worry if you are not a die hard Iron Maiden fan, you will enjoy this I'm sure.

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