Saturday, July 28, 2007

welcome to the AudioPorn Central!

my name is Simon Iddol
we might know each other from somewhere ;)
this is a brand new site
dedicated to music
not only mashups, but remixes, released or unreleased originals
plus hardware or software tools, news and events
not only for listeners
but for producers, DJ's, musicians, music experts
and every for music fan

a lotta hot sweaty juicy sounds and tools
this is the audioporn central

this is the public BETA test period
till then some features might not be ready or work
but feel free to look around
have fun

we have 12 posts everday
3 barely legal
3 barely illegal
6 from other categories
(toys, news, orgy)

we are working on
- to add more features
- finalizing the look of the posts
- troubleshooting for diferent browsers
- finding the best places for the sidebar elements

let us know
- what do you think
- about any error you find

any idea or suggestion is truly welcome


Simon Iddol

1 comment:

D said...

Looks great Simon! Keep up the goods.