Tuesday, August 7, 2007

>> free hosting for your online success

At the first sight this is not so music related, I know. But if you think about it, it is very important. As a blogger, "community builder", compilation editor etc I work with your websites everyday. And sometimes I can't believe what I see or found. There are many many talented people with crap websites and no hosting, using file sending sites or even... msbxdadgiayspace as the only solution they have. Yes I know, the look and the site is not important, the music is the main thing, but how can someone expects to be noticed if his works are not easily reachable, hard to get, needs registration to reach or even dammmm slow... I spend time on it and I get what I want, but not everybody does the same. Here is a chance for all the talented upcoming bands, bedroom producers and DJ's. You can have free hosting provided by the mighty Attuworld.
Use Attuhosting, make a nice demo site, and get ready to for your 15 min of fame ;) Ah yeah, the music is important tho....

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