Thursday, August 2, 2007

AudioPorn Art Exhibition >> Pheugoo

the AudioPorn Central is a music site
but we are pretty crazy about the visual arts as well
so we are very very happy to present you our new weekly feature
the AudioPorn Art Exhibition series
we will introduce you different visual artists every week
it is like a virtual exhibition
if you browse around in the site you will find the artworks
look for the sidebars

we just opened the very first exhibition
the artist who starts the series is Pheugoo
our multitalented friend from the Netherlands
is making fine mashups, and videomashups
but it is not important now
this time we focus on his pictures

there are four Pheugoo pieces in the sidebars
enjoy them
and let us know what you think
or just say hello to the artist by commenting here

welcome to the exhibition !


Interview with Pheugoo

name > Pheugoo
location > oss the netherlands

APC You make music videos and design as well, which was the first and when did you started it?

Pheugoo In 2004 I got familiar with the bootleg/Mash-Up scene due to the 2ManyDJs album "as heard on radio Soulwax pt 2" I liked the mashup thing right away and started to search the internet for more...
Soonish i found "gybo" which is a forum website where producers launge their mixes.
And I started to hang around over there.
To reward all the great things I found over there, I ofered to create cover arts for the the Mash-Ups. (so i started with the art!)
After a while, and hearing tons of Mash-Ups, a couple great ones but most of all bad ones i realized I could try to produce by myself.
With help from great produces such as John Marr, Dunproofin' and a couple more I shortly evaluated into a producer.
After a while I think halfway 2005 some kids such as VJBrewski putted the mashups into a new dimension (adding video) which I loved!
And i got tempted again and started to create videos as well...
So thats the story

APC Do you have other creative activities beside of these three?

Pheugoo Sure, I am a 6th of a Cabaret group. and we perform 4 till 6 times a year. All Acts are custom made so we never play the same act twice.
I also play Bass in a rockabilly punk rock over the rainbow band.
But thats for our ears only! so we nearly/never perform

APC Can you mention some visual artworks what you did?


APC Where can the people see your works?

Pheugoo Mainly I'm still active in the Mash-Up / Bootleg Scene.
I have the privilege to do artworks for Loo and Placido and VJ Brewski and many more I Also design record sleeves for Prank monkey records once in a while.

APC Do you ever had and exhibition in the real life?

Pheugoo No. The internet i my exhibition hall. Search, scroll and find The internet is a part of real life if you ask me.

APC Who is your fave designer of visual artist?

Pheugoo My favourite hero is an innovative typographic designer called: David Carson. I cant tell much about him or his work, you just have to experience it!
Go google him or something!

APC What is the project you are working on now, the next Pheugoo hit?

Pheugoo Since I work impulsive... getting an idea... collecting sources... putting em together.... and go to bed way to late.
I finish most of my ideas within 1 until 3 evenings. So I dont have piles of Mash-Up projects. Not even 1 at the moment.
But i can tell there is another video coming up within 1 month!

APC THX and we can't wait to see the new video!

I mash RnR Pheugoo - I pirate music
Pheugoo - Summer of 69 Pheugoo - Yes Sir Ican Bootleg...


Placido said...

Big props to Mister Pheugoo for all his design skills, you know how much we love your works.
That 'I x Music' thing you did with the 2 characters of the MahMix logo you made for us a realy great, love it, that would be good for Loo & Placido :-)
I still have to get in touch with you, but things aren't ready yet. All the best my friend.

pheugoo said...

Eejh monsieur Placido,
Ty verry much! As you see I don't only recycle my audio sources but even my graphical elements!
I nevver planned to display these art thingys in the first place. I used it as self devellopment practise...
But now Simon asked me for some graphs I entered it right away coz I like it verry much myself too.
I'm glad you dont mind!

Simon Iddol said...

who else can open our exhibition series than you Pheugoo? :D
we are happy to show your collection!

Schmolli said...

Yeah! Great artworks Pheugoo! Love the "I pirate Music" pic!! Keep it up!