Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AudioPorn Central is leaving the Blogger
and the BETA period

Don't be scared it is not that bad:))
Our biggest aim is to remove the #?! BETA mark from the header.
In the last couple days we realised that we pretty much know what we want, how we wanna do it and it means the end of the BETA period. This blogger site was a good playground to create the APC feeling, and to make tests and experiments of our ideas. Now we have only one step, but like always, the latest step is the biggest and the hardest. The Blogger is not able to give us those main features what we need and if can't get them we can't give you quality content. So we will move.
Hopefully it will be easier than we think. Currently we are testing other blogger engines to find the one we need. Don't worry we will keep posting here while the moving. The only change is that we will not post 12 posts only 6 for few days, so you can come back and enjoy the APC everyday. We will keep you updated with the happenings of the moving. IMPORTANT!! Make sure you bookmark our main urls, not the blogspot subdomain, you need these >>

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