Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ayo: Down On My Knees

AYO is a German born artist, the offspring of a Nigerian father who had come to Germany to study in the 1970s, and sometimes worked as a DJ, and a mother who is a gypsy. AYOs rather unusual name means joy in Yoruba. Her rich cultural background is also reflected in her musical influences. She grew up amidst Pink Floyd and Fela Kuti, the Soul Children and Bob Marley, and many others. Her mum was a heroin addict. Her dad kidnapped her from a foster home. But she conquered the chaos - and is now hitting the big time. Her album, the Joyful is out on Polydor on September 3. Ayo has amazing voice, we can't wait to hear the full album.
There is a nice interview with her at the Guardian, read it!

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