Thursday, August 16, 2007

El Barto & Liam B: Justin Timberlake VS Kult

The best thing about the mashups is the endless creativity, I told it many times and I will for ever. It is fantastic that you can get familiar with different bands from different countries by the international mashup scene. Possibly you never heard the polish band called Kult, but now THX 4 El Barto & Liam B the whole world can listen them. This is a very kool track featuring the one only Justin and the Kult, very good vibe, very kool song. If you want to know more about the polish mashup scene visit the they have many gems like this over there, from the international and from the polish scene as well.
El Barto & Liam B: Justin Timberlake (USA) VS Kult (PL)

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