Monday, August 13, 2007

The King

Elvis is dead, but The King is alive, and he is here with us to celebrate the genious of Elvis. He is not just an Elvis impersonator, he is The King. If there is anybody on this planet who havent heard his albums, well that person missed a lot. The Kings is from Ireland, and his real name is James Brown :) for real :D He was discovered in a karaoke bar. His first single was the cover of the Nirvana's Come As You Are. Thrilling, shaking, bloody brilliant song. I've seen him live, and that still one of my best concert experience. The legendary Joy Division song, the Love Will Tear Us Apart is amazing and one of the best covers I ever heard. So if you are ready for the ultimate Elvis experience of your life, listen The King. He has three albums, I recommend the first two, the Graveland (an album of songs by dead rock stars only) and the Return to Splendor. Warning, this is not a joke, he is really The King.

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