Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nouvelle Vague presents New Wave
When Post Punk met Pop Culture

It's a bit difficult to expain but I try. The masterminds, who created the Nouvelle Vague, the easy listening coverband of the new wave and post punk classics, now made a compilation of pop classics made by new wave and post punk legends. Got it? Right. Here is how they describe it:
The Nouvelle Vague presents New Wave is an inspired selection of 80’s new wave bands performing classic pop covers. Compiled by Marc Collin and Gilles Le Guen of the phenomenal Nouvelle Vague comes an equally phenomenal album. This is Nouvelle Vague in reverse : new wave bands covering classic tracks of our time. Not a compilation for the sake of it but an album breathing new life into one of the most controversial & back in vogue musical movements of recent times.
Weird collection for sure, and a kool concept.
Check it to make up your mind.

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