Monday, August 13, 2007

Numark DJ IO

All this digital DJ lark is great, but it’s completely changing the DJ setup. For the uninitiated, replacing decks and a mixer with a laptop and a MIDI controller is somewhat confusing. And should you decide to go walk this new age digital path, knowing just what you need can mean being plunged into a technophobe's nightmare. Something that are always talked about in these circles are sound cards. Normally the domain of PC users, sound cards have become mainstream, especially with audio making the transition to computers in a big way. Being a long time Mac user and certainly not a digital audio user, when presented with Numark’s DJ IO I wondered what they hell it was used for. But now the mists have cleared, it’s very obvious what the DJ IO does and just how essential it is for today’s laptop DJ. Read the full review at Skratchworx

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