Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Ropes: Kill Her Off

Meet the Ropes. They are quite kool and they are our latest myspace friends. The Kill Her Off is a bloody catchy song and it can be really huge. Check it out in their myspace. But who are the Ropes? Here is what they say about themselves: Speaking four languages and intent on becoming fluent in several more, it's easy to see how The Ropes frontwoman Sharon Shy (yes, that is her real name) came to possess such a way with words. Her lyrics are filled with angst suitable for the bright-eyed teen and time-hardened soul alike. Armed with these words, her haunting yet soothing voice is set to a backdrop of noisy guitars and urgent basslines with the occasional moment of calm and tranquility that never seems to last long enough. Mirroring real life, the sound is a mixture of sugar and dirt. Sugar and dirt, ehh :)) We love sugar and dirt ;)

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