Friday, August 3, 2007

Vestax - something for everyone

My very first DJ mixer was a Vestax PMC somethin' with built in mono sampler. It was quite good back in those days, but as I see the calendar it was more that 10-12 years ago. Since then the Vestax somehow lost the grip and almost faded away. Too pity because they always had kool gadgets. But it looks like comin' back, I hope stronger than ever.
Time for an update on what Vestax have been doing to put themselves back on the map. We've had the new PDX-3000 in for a review which will appear soon, but it near stuff post PDX that we're looking at here. A new MIDI controller, a portable amp, a rackmount mixer plus tantalising hints at DVS oriented moves for the 05 and QFO.
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Copycat said...

These guys have some pretty cool turntables as well - but I haven't tried them yet. Anyone? /Cc