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AudioPorn Art Exhibition >> Wexfordgirl

The AudioPorn Central is a music site, but we are pretty crazy about the visual arts as well. So we started the AudioPorn Art Exhibition series. We are introducing an artist to you every week, it is like a virtual exhibition. If you browse around in the site you will find the pictures.
Check the sidebars ;)

Last week we had Pheugoo, our multitalented friend from the Netherlands. This week would like to introduce you a very nice girl, who paints girls, bears, Mexican wrestlers or guns.
Please welcome the Annie, the Wexfordgirl.

Few months ago I was googling pictures for the cover of my 'laura in the fiesta' mashup. Some of you know already, that I'm crazy about the mexican wrestler masks. So I got very excited when I found the site of Wexfordgirl. I love her unique, girlie but twisted style. There are ten Wexfordgirl pieces in the sidebars. Enjoy them, and let us know what you think or just say hello to the artist by commenting here.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Wexfordgirl !


Interview with Wexfordgirl

Name > Wexfordgirl
Location > San Francisco / USA

- When and how did you started to make visual art?
I have been drawing all my life. I ruined a mahogany bureau when I was four by drawing a bunch of bananas and a house on it. I went to art school in Ireland, where I grew up, and I just can't remember a time when I wasn't making, doodling, drawing, painting.

- Do you have other creative activities beside of that, or any connections to music?
I write poetry, although not as much as I used to. Right now my passion is painting, but perhaps I will return to writing one day. I love listening to music while I paint - Nirvana, Luna, Dylan, Madonna - yes my tastes are very varied. I also have a deep love of techno from my days partying in the mid '90s and I get some great painting done when I'm listing to that at full volume.

- Where can the people see your works?
On my Website, and if you are in San Francisco I have a show opening September 8th at The Salon. I also have an Etsy store.

- Do you ever had and exhibition in the real life? when and where?
I had a couple of group shows in 2006, but just this year in June I had my first solo show at The Candy Store in the Mission district of San Francisco. It was awesome. I hung 100 paintings, and about 40 of them sold. I was very happy, and I felt like the Belle of the Ball at the opening party.

- Who is your fave designer of visual artist?
There are so many! Textile designers Josef Frank and Lucienne Day, graphic designers Paul Rand and Olle Eksell, the Royal Art Lodge, Camilla Engman, Clare Rojas, Mazwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch, Jim Houser, Chris Johanson, Rex Ray, Amy Cutler – I could go on and on! I also love Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez’s comic, Love and Rockets.

- What is the project you are working on now?
I am putting together a body of work for the Salon show, and my husband and I also do San Francisco Open Studios every October, so I'm getting ready for that too. I am still painting girls, bears, Mexican wrestlers. I like my work to have a narrative too, some kind of story we only see pieces of: What news is in the letter she’s holding? Why are the bear and the girl together in the woods?

Thank you Annie for the interview and for your fantastic works!
Keep them coming!
Well, me personally wanna see more Mexican wrestler girls, hahaha ;)

+++ and the pictures+++archaived for the late visitors+++

wexfordgirl - el diablo

El Diablo

wexfordgirl - home

home is where we are

wexfordgirl - never


wexfordgirl - ever


wexfordgirl - boo


wexfordgirl - music gun

Music Gun

wexfordgirl - Destroying angel

destroying angel

wexfordgirl - where

Where all the trouble started

wexfordgirl - come

Come as you are

wexfordgirl - amber


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