Thursday, August 2, 2007

Audioporn: Turn Me On

this site origins from my notorious audioporn series
at the
I think the word audioporn is pretty cool
it looks like there are other people who thinks the same
and how right they are! the audioporn is a British band
as they describe

Looking backwards to a musical era when the word ‘maverick’ meant more than dentally-blessed jet pilots taking your breath away, artists like Alex Harvey and Talking Heads were capable of inducing mass audience hyperventilation through the sheer sense of conviction in their art and the passionate lack of restraint they poured into every sweat-soaked chord. London-based Audioporn are mavericks for today.

they make great music
I really dig the Turn Me On and the Johnny Popstar
check out their myspace to listen the songs!!
turn me on, turn me on they me come like an atombomb

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