Thursday, August 2, 2007

our playa spreads the world about your music

we have a streaming player at the top of the right sidebar
it contains all the downloadable tracks from this site
to make easier to spot them we asked nice ladies to help you

like her or her friendand so on
so if you see them in a post it means there is an mp3 to grab
if you see only the AudioPorn Playa banner in the post
it means you can listen that track in the player

but the main thing
our player features in the mighty Attuworld
so the Attu visitors can listen our broadcast
it means extra 50 000 -60 000 listeners daily
we are so proud about this collaboration
and we are pretty sure that you will all benefit from it

so feel free to suggest your music to us
we will post it if we like
and help you to get more spotlight

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