Friday, August 3, 2007

DJ Schmolli: Roadhouse Metal

This mashup has a special story.
DJ Schmolli tells it to us, in his own words.
The man himself is speaking:
- Found this message on an mp3 player which has been hidden in my croissant this morning at Starbucks: “Good morning special agent Schmolli! You’ve been chosen to take on a very risky mission. On the CD underneath your coffee cup you’ll find the instrumental of Metallica’s “I Disappear”, a heavy riff based rock tune from the “Mission Impossible 2” soundtrack. Also you’ll find a DIY acapella of the bluesy & swinging Doors classic “Roadhouse Blues” which has been leaked by our man in Dayton, Ohio Aggro1. Your mission is to put this two together! But be careful, two of our agents already lost the hearing when they’ve tried to bring this mission to success! This message will self destruct in 5 seconds!” So after the exploding mp3 player spilled the coffee all over my clothes I went home immediately to bring these two together. -
And he accomplished the mission!
THX Schmolli, you saved the world, again ;)
DJ Schmolli: Roadhouse Metal

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