Friday, August 3, 2007

toothtunes - music for your mouth

How was your morning? Crap as always?
Maybe some good music can cheer you up! Check this!
The TOOTH TUNES brush sends music through your teeth and into your head! Each TOOTH TUNES brush has a single chip of music embedded in the handle. The music clip plays for two minutes, the minimum time generally recommended by dentists to provide a thorough brushing.
Possibly the weirdest product we ever seen. But a PRO version can work, like bass adjust against plaque or usb for iPod connection :D What would you play in your mouth? hihihihhi


Bobby Martini said...

Loving this - have to get me one of those. Someone with 'Billy Bob' teeth would probably need 'Tubular Bells' to play all the way through though !!!!! LOL

Copycat said...

Amazing - is this for real?!