Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Copycat: Fade to pretty vacant
bootleg of the year (so far)

Our friends the World Famous Audio Hacker and Copycat has some great and exciting news for us. The World Famous Audio Hacker keeps count on most of the bootlegging enterprises taking place, the attention they get and the action they spawn in the community. Some of you might recall his Daft Charts and the Daft Monkey Top 10 under his previous alter ego.
As he puts it himself: "I thought I'd quickly get caught up by running the charts on the first 6 months of the year... Here are the top 20 ("most active") bootlegs and mashups for 2007..."
Read the full list on the WFAH myspace. Here is the No1 mash, just it case if you haven't heard it already ;)

Copycat / Fade to Pretty Vacant

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