Thursday, August 2, 2007

Loo & Placido massive update

our heroes, the hard working bastards, Loo & Placido
made a massive update on their site
here is what you can get with their own words:
-A few new bootlegs including that Bastards at Work track we have on our myspace player that a lot of people have been asking for.
-MASH UP THE TOPS : A 23 tracks compilation of our older works.
-ONE LOVE : A 12 tracks compilation of our best reggae tunes.
-The SUPERCHUNK mix we did for XFM in 2004
There are way to many tracks to give you all the details here, but if you like Daft Punk, Ac-Dc, Digitalism, The Killers, The Beatles, J.Timberlake, The Clash, Junior Senior, Bob Marley, The Undertones, Cassius, Dizzee Rascal, Hendrix, Queen, etc................ You should find some interesting stuff

This Xmas in summer go and grab them all! Here is a short sample, the Face of the Violence (Daft Punk Vs Cassius)

Loo & Placido: Face of the Violence

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