Monday, August 20, 2007

Gear Addict

We are always happy to recommend you kool music related designs, artworx and stuff. Here is a real goldmine for the AudioPorn Freakz, the Gear Addict. Very nice and unique music, recording, and instrument designs for on various products such as t shirts, mugs, hats, and even baby clothes. via

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Jordan (Gear Addict) said...

Thanks a lot for checking out Gear Addict. Feel free to email us with your design ideas or if there is just something you always wish you had on a product. We design for our community, so this is the best way to make things with what YOU want. In fact, it's how a lot of our current designs were put talking to our customers.

Anyway, we will constantly be adding new designs every week, and running specials, so check back often and feel free to sign up for our newsletter on our website, you will be informed on new items and discounts.

Thanks for everything, and feel free to email us with questions,comments,ideas,or just to say hi!