Wednesday, August 8, 2007

our very first week

Ah guys! What a week it was! Busy as hell, but full of joy, excitement and inspiration. We just passed over 4000 unique visitors in the first week, which is pretty good for the BETA test period IMO. THANK YOU ALL for your visits, comments, help, everything. This week seemed to be a lifetime for me, but I hope you agree a lot of development happened. Useless and not popular features been removed (poll, the hootie of the day and the old mp3 player) and new things been added (exhibition, Attuworld extra, last comments box in the sidebar). I hope you found many nice readings, stay tuned and keep coming back 'cos we will have many many new things soon! I see charts, office safe url, a new exhibition, more exclusive tracks or even long mixes coming in your way!!
If you have any interesting, new track, mashup, album, video, party etc. what you wanna promote here feel free to use the suggestion box and if we like it we will post it. If you have any questions drop us a mail! Be our friend on myspace, we love to post more about our friends! We are happy hear from you so if you want to make us happy leave some comments!


Simon Iddol

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