Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tokyoflash Equalizer BPM watch for DJ's

The Tokyoflash watches are the koolest watches in this galaxy. I posted one already in the old audioporn series, and that piece is still my fave. And you know what? The wizards of the Tokyoflash made a new version of that watch. It is not EQ now, this is a BPM counter !!! Beside of the usual features it does special tricks. While in BPM mode the watch scrolls some inspiring DJ phrases on screen. Some of the messages are a little tongue in cheek & you might get a laugh from them - "The roof is on fire!" - "They're workin' up a sweat!" However, you don't have to be a DJ to make use of this watch because the BPM counter could just as easily be used to monitor your heart rate at the gym.
Well I will keep use it for BPM counting ;)

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