Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Public Enemy Want You to Sell Their New Album

Seminal hip-hop group Public Enemy will make their new, unfortunately-titled album, How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Have Sold Their Soul, available, um, for sale, on personal home pages and profiles, as well as independent online stores.
Read the full article at The Riff

What a weird thing! So we had to give it a try :))
Here is the resume of our quick test.
First, you have to sign up to the Musicane, it is free, but filling up the US tax forms is a nightmare.
Second, if you managed to find the Public Enemy thing, you can select where and how you wanna promote it. The Blogger posting automatism failed, after several times we gave up.
Thrid, the myspace try works, so we placed our own Public Enemy Shop at the AudioPorn Myspace (so the illustration is there) it looks odd, the design is ugly and there is only one shape!! It takes a lot of place from the site. There is no possibility to change the size or the look of that thing.

Quick and very subjective result:
Yeah the idea sounds cool, but it is really not that good as it sounds. Tweak it more guys. Of course it was a quick test and we will spend more time with it if we will be in the mood again or when we will have another 2-3 hours to waste. Try it test it and tell us your opinion.

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