Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week Rewind
Subjective Guide to the last 12 days

Our new feature is a subjective guide. This will be the last post in every week, and it will be a really up to the current mood resume of the last seven days. This very first episode is a bit special we look back till the launch, so not 7 but 12 days in this case.
NOTE, this resume is really subjective, and contains only few things far not every post from this period.

Ms. New Booty >> the rapping robots
Songs for Ice Cream Trucks >> says what it is
Splice > Meet.Mix.Mashup >> online music editor and more
tour video of DJ Zebra >> there is no lifestyle like rock star lifestyle
Cracked Pepper by ccc & the ill chemist >> Bxxtlxx been mashed again
toothtunes - music for your mouth >> a toothbrush plays music
Bare Egil Band >> ah those lovely Norwegians
Top 10 Bands That Never Existed >> the best toplist so far
Ayo: Down On My Knees >> amazing voice, incredible life, great songs
DJ Schmolli: Don't Cha Take A Robot... >> our first world premier
ToToM: Jeune Layla >> great mashup, personal fave
DJ Tripp: Makes Me Disco >> great mashup, personal fave >> secret link for the ones in need
Dar: Time in my mind >> talented young artist
ReacTable Tactile Synth Catches Björk... >> how great we are
windup mp3 player
>> we all need one

Well it was busy, right? What was your most loved post?

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