Sunday, August 19, 2007

Week Rewind
Subjective Guide to the last 7 days

We had a busy week. A lot of glitch/Elvis/video/iFun/moving.
Here are the posts what we loved most this week.
NOTE, this resume is really subjective, it contains only few things,
far not every post from this period.

Elvis Week + The King >> should I explain it?
Divide & Kreate: Sexy Hell >> 'cos we are addicted to sex
Musicotherapie >> the best animation we seen in ages
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus >> the biggest audioporn toy
AudioPorn Central is leaving the Blogger and the BETA period >> yihaaa:)
Hi-brid: Fade To Ice Cream >> the post summer hit
videogame for iPod >> 'cos we still mad about Vib Ribbon
Pheugoo: Part Time Umbrella Lover >> possibly the best mashup ATM
MP3 Music: No Longer Connected to Your Brain? >> going digital is good?
El Barto & Liam B: Justin Timberlake VS Kult >> with love from Poland
team9 vs Barbara Streisand: A moment in space >> team9 is not dead
Chromatics: In the City Simon Iddol's personal No. 1 ATM
Music TV shows for children >> we need education this way ;)
Naturally 7 Live in Paris Subway >> amazing performance on the subway
Wanna be in the new Pet Shop Boys video??? this Tuesday in London
Numark iDJ2 >> the next big thing for bedroom DJ's

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